5 Logistics Trends Dictating The Future

Logistics Trends

If you don’t know these logistics trends, then you are definitely headed for trouble. Play safe and read on.

Two decades ago, logistics management was physically quite complicated. New technologies have changed the way supply chains operate. The business is primarily dominated by software, and the role of hardware is dropping. The orders given by the consumers move in a much more efficient manner through different logistical stages. This change is also dictated by certain external forces such as availability of resources, global politics, global markets, etc.

There were trends that shaped this industry in the past, and there will be trends that will reshape the logistics market in the future. Keeping abreast of these trends will ensure that you can successfully design strategies and stay competitive. Let us look at some of the top logistics trends:

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7 Quick Tips For Vetting 3PL Companies

3PL CompaniesThird-party logistics,3PL companies, are playing an increasingly large role in supply chains. While shippers continue to leverage 3PLs for spot loads or as backups to asset-based providers, we’re frequently seeing them choose 3PL companies as primary, contracted carriers as well.

Well-matched 3PL companies can provide tremendous value to a shipper’s supply chain. From finding the right carrier for the right shipment, to executing flawless retail deliveries, to helping them comply with government transportation and food safety rules, it’s important to find a service provider that can take logistics burdens away from a shipper so that they can focus on what they do best: developing, manufacturing, and marketing products. To be considered a core carrier, a 3PL must have the infrastructure to manage recurring, dedicated volume across multiple regions.

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Countdown to Black Friday: How 3PL Can Help?

Black Friday

It is that time of year again. Autumn is in the air, leaves are turning colours, and pretty soon, the holiday season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) will be upon us. With it comes a vast influx of customers into stores and businesses, looking to get the perfect gift. One of these important days is Black Friday. The one day a year when people stay awake all night long, just to be the first person in line to shop.

Officially, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where retail stores all over the country provide discounts and deals to start the holiday shopping season. They often give away free merchandise, or heavily discounted items, and people will shop until they literally drop the next day.

For businesses, it is another story. They prepare months in advance in order to be able to have the merchandise they want and need to make it through the day with enough to satisfy every customer. There are many ways for retail businesses to prepare themselves for Black Friday, and it is extremely important that they do, and do it well, to have a profitable day on their hands.

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Using EDI Technology in Freight

EDITechnology and the freight industry don’t always go hand in hand. The reasons behind this are complicated, but technology-trusting freight brokers are making progress. We’ve invested heavily in our customer’s Transportation Management System, as well as software for many of internal processes and documents. Electronic Data Interchange, commonly known as EDI, is another way in which the freight industry is pushing into the 21st century.

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