AIB Superior Rating

Christopher Morgan fulfillment Services achieves AIB Superior RatingChristopher Morgan fulfillment Services achieves AIB Superior Rating

Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Services is continuously improving their people, processes, and product. One of our commitments to our customers is clearly stated in our “Product Safety Policy” which states, “Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Services is committed to providing a product safety program that maintains a safe and legal food-contact packaging product.” We are demonstrating our commitment by having achieved the American Institute of Baking’s “Superior Rating”.

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Health and Nutrition Supplement Logistics

Supplement LogisticsHealth and Nutrition Supplement Logistics

Made For Your Business

Powerful Creds

  • Our years of experience helped set the standard for health and nutrition supplement logistics, consistency and taste. Our team’s knowledge is your power.
  • Our blending & packaging capabilities are second to none.
    • Ultra-modern facilities and equipment allow us to blend, bottle, and label products quickly and efficiently, with built-in quality assurance testing.

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How To Execute Company Strategy

Execute Company Strategy

Your company has a strategy. Are you confident it is ready to be deployed and executed? Most likely not, as 60%-90% of company strategy implementations fail and only 14% of executives are satisfied with the execution of a strategy. This post introduces a framework to assess your company’s strategy execution readiness, in order to align leaders around how to bridge your strategy to execution gaps.

Before a company strategy can be deployed and executed effectively, you need to have leadership alignment around execution readiness. Your leadership team has to ask themselves at least the following four questions:

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Millennials are hungry…for better food. Today, 50 percent of these informed and tech-savvy consumers, aged 19 to 36, consider themselves “foodies” who connect food with social status, and will splurge on dining out even when budgets are tight. And if you’re one of them and also own a restaurant, then it’d do you good if you insure your fast food delivery company.

Like older foodies, millennials demand good tasting, interesting, high-quality food, but they differ in that they also want it to be organic, locally sourced, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and nutritious. They expect to pay reasonable prices, too.

Meeting this paradigm shift in demand has been difficult for Big Food producers, which have long focused on cheap and convenient offerings. But the food mainstays that led Baby Boomers to prosperity—frozen or nearly indestructible packaged goods full of sugar, fat, salt, and preservatives—are now the objects of millennial disdain. It doesn’t take long for changing preferences to affect revenue. Packaged food sales alone declined by 1 percent in 2015 as the market for organics grew by 11 percent. Meanwhile, the largest 25 food producers in the U.S. have seen a combined loss of $18 billion since 2009.

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