Choosing A Warehouse Facility

Warehouse FacilityAll companies need safe and secure warehouse facility for their products before being shipped to their destination.  Perishable food depends on a temperature-controlled environment.  High-value items may require secure vault storage.   For whatever the product type, warehouses are a critical link in the supply chain.  It’s under their roofs that products are unloaded, picked, packed and prepared for distribution.  There are three main options when choosing a warehouse facility—public, contract and private.  This article discusses the major differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type of warehouse.

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3PL Financial Benefits


Partnering with a 3PL for warehousing, distribution and transportation can provide financial benefits for companies of all sizes. We have highlighted many of them such as efficiency, security and location; make sure you check them out if you haven’t already! One of the most important benefits to a 3PL partnership, however, is the impact that a quality relationship can have on finances and the  bottom line of any company.

3PL Financial Benefits Milwaukee

Here are our top bottom line financial benefits of partnering with a quality 3PL in Milwaukee or across the country:

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4 Reasons to Use a 3PL Food Grade Warehouse

3PL Food Grade Warehouse MilwaukeeBusinesses that touch food and other perishables understand the issues facing storage, shipping, and handling of inventory in a food grade warehouse. Shelf-life for food grade materials varies in ways that no other industry faces. Handling systems have to take into account the many ways that different food products must be handled to provide the best quality for end users.

The following are 6 areas where our food grade warehouse will tailor solutions for businesses where other logistics partners may not.

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Reasons to Outsource to 3PL Warehousing

3PL Warehousing Milwaukee

The economy today requires business to be efficient on every front. The competition is growing every day and a company must find new  and  efficient ways to retain its edge over its competitors, even in a growing market. That requires time, money and focus on activities other than area of company’s core competency.  However, if  a  company diverts its energy from its core competency, it is bound to falter. Businesses  cannot  afford  to  divert  their attention from their product and start paying more attention to logistics. Imagine if Apple started worrying more about shipping iPhones than creating a great phone, they would never reach the pinnacle of success that they enjoy. It is for this very reason that many businesses choose to outsource their logistics operations. In fact, over 85% of fortune 500 companies utilize 3PL warehousing providers. Here are some of the key reasons why  you  should also consider utilizing the services of a Third- Party Logistics Warehousing Provider (3PL).

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