Amazon Go

Amazon’s new checkout-free grocery concept, Amazon Go, launched early this year in Seattle. The 1800 square-foot test store offers freshly prepared foods, take-home meal kits, snacks, and popular grocery items. Experts first wrote about Amazon’s foray into the grocery space late last year when information was primarily speculative. Now that Amazon’s official prototype store is open for business, a closer look at the business model reveals insights that grocery retailers can learn from and leverage.

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4 Benefits of Channel Partnership

Mindshare, engagement and collaboration – terms that have been used in many of the blog posts that you have read on this site.  All of these areas are critical when it comes to the success of your channel partnership strategy.

Channel Partnership

You have decided that using a channel partnership strategy is the best approach for increasing your company’s sales.  The right channel partners have the market knowledge, distribution channels, sales expertise and customer relationships to successfully sell your products and/or services.  But managing these relationships is a very complex and time consuming task.

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Customer Satisfaction: Shipping Plays Major Role

Customer SatisfactionIt’s a well established fact that repeat business and recommendations are essential to a company’s ecommerce success. There has been lots of debate around what impacts these including loyalty programs, product variety, discounts, lowest prices, and shipping.

Recent research shows that shipping plays an oversized role in customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Comscore conducted a study commissioned by UPS that found the top 11 factors that impact consumer satisfaction with online shopping. 4 out of 11 factors directly related to logistics and fulfillment showing the large role that logistics has on your brand and customer satisfaction. They also found that consumers put equal weight in shipping cost and product cost when deciding who to purchase from.

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Outsource To A Fulfillment House Milwaukee

Fulfillment House Milwaukee

Knowing the right time to outsource to a fulfillment house is never an exact science.  The decision can be a difficult one as there are many factors that come into play.  The benefits of outsourcing your products to a fulfillment house can take a lot of burden off your shoulders, but can also provide some significant cost savings.  We will discuss some of the signs that it might be the right time to outsource your orders to a fulfillment house.

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