Choosing 3PL For LTL Shipments

3PL Transportation Services ltl shipments

LTL shipments, also known as Less Than Truckload, refers to shipments that do not require a full trailer for transport. Less than truckload shipping is the ideal solution for shippers with too much freight for parcel carrier services but not enough to warrant a full truckload, with LTL shipments generally weighing 151-15,000 lbs.

It might seem easier to handle your LTL shipments directly through the LTL carrier, cutting out the middle-man – a 3PL. But is it really the case? Let’s look at a few benefits of shipping your LTL freight through a 3PL.

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LTL vs Parcel Shipping

Parcel Shipping

Choosing a shipping choice used to be so easy! Up until recently the line between when to use parcel shipping and LTL shipping was quite clear.

Parcel shipping historically focused on packages that could reasonably be lifted without assistance by an average person. In other words, packages of less than 150 pounds incurred lower shipping charges due to maneuverability.

The line between LTL and parcel shipping is getting blurry: overlap between the two shipping methods makes it confusing to determine which is best for your shipment.

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Reduce Logistics Costs Using 3PL

Logistics costs Milwaukee

Finding new ways to reduce logistics costs is probably your eCommerce brand’s highest priority. It’s difficult to manage the cost of logistics alone.

The dilemma is particularly difficult for mid-sized CPG companies that lack the resources, systems capabilities and freight volumes larger competitors use to drive efficiencies.

One solution could be working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that specializes in getting consumer goods to mass retailers and grocery chains. The right 3PL partner can help smaller firms generate big savings without major capital investments.

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