Determine if You Need a Labor Management System

Labor Management System LMS Milwaukee

A Labor Management System (or LMS) is a piece of software that is used in order manage and monitor a workforce. In particular, it is often found in fulfillment businesses but can potentially be used in any industry.

Essentially, this works by providing increased visibility, to show where money is being spent and how that money is being returned. At the same time, you’ll be able to identify your most productive employees, as well as any that aren’t performing at their best.

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Cargo Pilot Shortage Will Affect Supply Chain

Cargo Pilot Shortage Affect the Supply Chain

Sometimes, we can almost view the supply chain, or the broader economy, as being a little bit like a self-sustaining ecosystem.

You know how you’re told not to stomp on bees when you’re out and about because their demise could upset the delicate balance of nature? That with fewer bees, there will be less pollination, meaning less food for other animals? Well, it would seem that someone has been stamping on our cargo pilots, as there is currently a serious shortage of them to help carry shipments. What does this mean for the industry at large, and for your business specifically? How does this compound the issues we’re already facing with the truck driver shortage?

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