Choosing 3PL For LTL Shipments

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LTL shipments, also known as Less Than Truckload, refers to shipments that do not require a full trailer for transport. Less than truckload shipping is the ideal solution for shippers with too much freight for parcel carrier services but not enough to warrant a full truckload, with LTL shipments generally weighing 151-15,000 lbs.

It might seem easier to handle your LTL shipments directly through the LTL carrier, cutting out the middle-man – a 3PL. But is it really the case? Let’s look at a few benefits of shipping your LTL freight through a 3PL.

Why Choose Third Party Logistics (3PL) For LTL Shipments?

With your logistics team having to keep track of your LTL or TL shipments manually, there’s multiple areas that can lead to decreased profit margins.

Now think about everything else that happens when you track things manually.  Errors, lost orders, lost paperwork, missing information… Or what happens when the one person who kept track of everything in their head leaves?  How will you handle changes in staffing?  How much time can you spare to train new employees in the complex, handwritten, or manual date entry system with Excel?

Cost Saving

Third party logistics companies specialize in growing their partnerships with small, medium and large sized LTL carriers. A 3PL company has the advantage of being able to negotiate lower rates due to their higher volumes of business with different LTL carriers that specialize in different lanes industry verticals and markets.

Freight Class

Making sure you have the right freight class for your shipment is essential for determining the carrier’s shipping charges. Density is the main factor for determining your freight class. If the wrong freight class is chosen, and the freight has to be reweighed and reclassified, you could receive higher than expected freight charges. A good 3PL will provide you with tools that help you calculate the freight class of your shipments.


Freight shipping is literally their specialty, LTL included. A 3PL is helping many customers handle their LTL shipments – they have seen different lanes, products, issues.


The value that a 3PL company provides is having a team of industry professionals at your disposal, together with technology to provide visibility of your shipments and personalized attention to your business.

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Overall, a 3PL company is the best option when it comes to shipping LTL freight. Especially when shipments have special requirements like handle with care or time sensitive deadlines. 3PL companies provide an advantage for businesses looking to find the most competitive rates in the market, along with service that they can count on. Give us a call if you have any questions, concerns, or looking for rates.