4 Benefits of Channel Partnership

Mindshare, engagement and collaboration – terms that have been used in many of the blog posts that you have read on this site.  All of these areas are critical when it comes to the success of your channel partnership strategy.

Channel Partnership

You have decided that using a channel partnership strategy is the best approach for increasing your company’s sales.  The right channel partners have the market knowledge, distribution channels, sales expertise and customer relationships to successfully sell your products and/or services.  But managing these relationships is a very complex and time consuming task.

Your channel partners are just that – your partners.  As such, it is important to engage with them at all levels and build a relationship that values what each party brings to the table.  Collaboration is critical.  Collaboration is the ability for partner organizations to interact with each other to realize shared goals.  This interaction can take many forms, but problem solving, open communication, and sharing of best practice ideas are at the top of the list.  To be successful, you need the right business processes and technology in place to create a collaborative environment for your channel partners.  This is what is referred to as partner relationship management, which is the combination of business practices and technology to increase the value of partner interactions.

Effective and efficient interaction between your company and your channel partners, and even between channel partners directly, has many benefits for all involved.

These 4 Channel Partnership benefits include the following:

  • Greater consistency and predictability of the interactions
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased loyalty and engagement
  • Greater profitability

Without effective collaboration, your channel partners will not have a high level of engagement with your company.  These independent partners represent other companies, so their sales teams have options when it comes to what products and services they choose to focus their time and energy on.

Partnerships can also produce astonishing results, but only when:

  • Information flows freely
  • All parties involved trust each other
  • All parties are dedicated to the goal of mutual success

Developing a culture that encourages collaboration will increase partner engagement.  Effective partner relationship management requires a business culture that fosters collaboration and engagement.  Furthermore, to be successful, you will need to deploy the right technology.  You owe it to yourself to consider a channel management software solution which will optimize channel partner performance.

Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Service is rich with best practice workflows making it easier for organizations to do business with channel partner re-sellers. The result: More engagement and Mindshare. Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings. Alignment with Channel Partners. And, Performance Improvement for the Entire Sales Enterprise.

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