AIB Superior Rating

Christopher Morgan fulfillment Services achieves AIB Superior RatingChristopher Morgan fulfillment Services achieves AIB Superior Rating

Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Services is continuously improving their people, processes, and product. One of our commitments to our customers is clearly stated in our “Product Safety Policy” which states, “Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Services is committed to providing a product safety program that maintains a safe and legal food-contact packaging product.” We are demonstrating our commitment by having achieved the American Institute of Baking’s “Superior Rating”.

Our “Superior Rating” of the AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection of Food Contact Packaging Facilities provides our customer with the assurance that we keep the packaging in our facility wholesome and safe through our Good Manufacturing Practices and Processes.

CMorgan Quality Food Grade Warehouse is Always Rated Superior by AIB

Today AIB uses a widely-recognized set of standards to conduct safety audits for food grade warehousing. AIB is now inspecting food grade warehousing around the world. Some companies require that all of their suppliers be inspected by AIB.

According to AIB International, Comprehensive Inspections evaluate the adequacy of:AIB

  1. Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
  2. Maintenance for Food Safety
  3. Cleaning Practices
  4. Integrated Pest Management
  5. Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs


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