COVID-19 Impact on Freight

Covid-19 Impact
COVID-19 has taken its toll on the United States and the entire world. The response to this emergency is rapidly changing the day to day realities of fleet businesses in the United States. The majority of states have issued a stay at home orders. Meanwhile, fleet-based businesses have been deemed essential and continue to operate. Because of the COVID-19 impact on freight, the landscape of freight operations now is vastly different than just a month ago.

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Cyber Security in Logistics: How to Protect Your Supply Chain

Cyber Security in Logistics

Good cyber security in logistics is all about viewing the complete system. Let’s say that you are trying to ensure maximum security in an office. You might, therefore, be sure to run lots of red teams/blue team simulations, to hire pen-testers, to keep your software all up-to-date, and to train your staff in identifying potential security risks.

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