Common Warehousing Mistakes To Avoid

Warehousing mistakes Milwaukee

There is no single way to properly run a warehouse, but there are some principles that remain consistent regardless of what type of warehousing solution is in use.  To help you keep on top of your warehouse management and ensure your storage facilities don’t generate undue supply chain costs. If you can identify signs that any of these issues exist, steps to eliminate them should be taken as a priority.

Common Warehousing Mistakes To Avoid

Keeping Excess Stock 

Despite years of knowledge

  • dissemination in the warehousing field
  • encouraging lean practice
  • inventory reduction

Storing too much inventory is still one of the most common warehousing mistakes made by supply chain organizations worldwide. Try talking to your supplier to arrange for large orders to get broken up into smaller batches so inventory can be easily managed.

Lazy Housekeeping

  • Messy loading docks
  • Aisles littered with shrink-wrap
  • Overfilled pallets

These are all symptoms of a warehouse that doesn’t get enough love. Enforce a strict regime of housekeeping, with a certain amount of time given over to cleaning at the end of each shift.

Staff Development

Making sure employees get resources and encouragement may come with some costs, but these will be far less than those required to fill a vacated position.

Not Optimizing Picking Paths

Overlooking the need to plan efficient picking paths through a warehouse will handicap picking rate.

This in turn can impact supply chain cycle times and generate unnecessary labour costs through less than optimum productivity.

It’s not always easy to create optimal picking routes, but it’s certainly worth taking the time and effort to ensure they are as efficient as possible.

Choose a Warehousing Provider Who Knows Their Stuff

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