Fulfillment Center: Account vs Small Parcel

fulfillment center: account vs small parcel

When you’re an e-commerce company, the cost of shipping your product from its manufacturing point to the customer can be one of the biggest starting costs – and it takes a little bit of thought to calculate just how much of the percentage of the total price it will take to cover shipping costs, especially if this is your first e-commerce effort.

Just how you’re shipping the item will determine what kind of deals you can offer clients; free shipping is a great initiative, but it doesn’t always make financial sense for the company – and the same can be said for higher shipping costs. 

Fulfillment Center: Account vs Small Parcel

Shipping on your fulfillment center: account vs small parcel can determine how much you (and subsequently your e-commerce website’s customers) are charged for shipping. Here’s what you should know about the two.

Small Parcel Shipping

Small parcel shipping is often chosen by e-commerce businesses starting out just because it’s the first option they know about; it’s the most common option chosen when just shipping one item, whether we’re taking about a business or someone just shipping a small item to their mother.

Just because it’s one of the most common forms of shipping doesn’t mean that it’s right for your business. Small parcel shipping leaves you to manage your own distribution, and this can feel like tying up a thousand loose ends if your business grows to a few more clients; it can also be more expensive, and it leaves you to handle shipping on a per-item basis.

Shipping on Account

Shipping on account gives you access to a range of advantages that your distribution center offers, and you wouldn’t see any of these if you had chosen small parcel shipping.

For one, many distribution centers offer shipping on account: It’s more professional when you’re a business, and it can be cheaper, too. On account shipping also allows for larger lists of customers who can all have their orders shipped out at once according to a schedule, and it can help your business to grow.

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