The Future of Freight Supply Chains

future of supply chains

Supply chains are what get consumer goods and other freight shipments from one point to another, and millions of people rely on this supply chain every year for access to goods they might take for granted. Especially for businesses involved in the freight supply chain game, technology is bringing an entirely new element to the future of Freight supply chains.

The Future of Freight Supply Chains

Here’s how future technologies hope to change how supply chains are applied.

Intelligent Tracking

The first thing that can risk a supply chain to slow down is human error; as hard as people might try, they aren’t perfect – and every once in a while a mistake might slip in, or an entry might take five minutes to enter into a system instead of five seconds. How about a perfect system that can do the same job in milliseconds – and tell you exactly where your shipment is at any point in the supply chain?

Artificially intelligent tracking hopes to make the whole supply chain process easier, faster and more efficient.

Automatic Tracing

Supply chains are also slowed down because of simple time constraints. People take time to enter information into a system, and it takes more time when someone else on the other end of that system has to double-check the first entry. Intelligent tracing systems will make this entire process easier, and mean that you can track down any process or product in the supply chain with just a few clicks.


If you’ve read up on the cryptocurrency craze, then you will no doubt have heard of blockhain – a new payment technology that allows large sums of data, as well as information strings which can represent currency, to be transferred through cyberspace at hyper-speeds. As this technology develops, we’re finding more research out there about how blockchain could move to change the supply chain industry to be a thousand times more efficient in accomplishing Anonymous delivery.

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