Health And Safety Agreements

If prequalification has not been used, you must also collect information from bidders who will help you assess their suitance for the position. Look at their health and safety records to give you an idea of their past performance in this area. When your contractors report or select their own subcontractors, they must provide potential applicants with information about the project, location, existing health and safety plans and all other relevant information. Most of this information is transmitted from the pre-qualification and/or tendering material that you have made available to the main contractors. Contractors hiring their own subcontractors must ensure that they have sufficient information to ensure location-specific health and safety provisions in their own tender documents. The Organization should establish and maintain procedures to respond to accidents and emergencies and to prevent and minimize the resulting impact on safety and health. This is prescribed in section 11 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Contingency planning should include: the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is the most important health and safety law in New Zealand. One of the guiding principles of HSWA is that workers and other persons should enjoy the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety and well-being caused by work hazards, to the extent reasonably practicable. Tracking provides the information needed to enable the organization to verify activities and determine how to improve performance. Auditing and performance evaluation are the final steps in the safety and health management control cycle.

They are the “feedback loop” that allows an organization to strengthen, maintain and develop its capacity for comprehensive risk reduction and ensure the continued effectiveness of its safety and health management system. Audits carried out by staff members of the organisation or external bodies complement the monitoring activities by verifying whether the safety and health management systems are actually achieving the right results. Combine performance measurement results with audit insights to improve the organization`s overall approach to safety and health management. They should provide potential bidders with an “Information for Bidders” document containing health and safety information. The objective of this document may be to establish a planned and systematic approach to the implementation of safety and health policies through an effective safety and health management system. The goal is to minimize risk. Risk assessment methods should be used to set priorities and targets for risk elimination and risk reduction. To the extent possible, risks should be eliminated through the selection and design of facilities, equipment and processes. If risks cannot be eliminated, they should be minimised through the use of physical controls and safe work systems or, as a last resort, through the provision of PPE.

Performance standards should be established and used to measure performance. Specific measures should be defined to promote a positive culture of health and safety. There should be a common understanding of the organization`s vision, values and beliefs in the areas of health and safety….