Learning Pod Agreement

Thank you to our good friends at hudson`s School of Labs and their pod program. They inspired us with a template for establishing health and safety protocols, and we have expanded them in this article. Finally, the contract should include modification and termination procedures so that the parties understand their respective obligations and rights when it comes to terminating the nanny share or learning capsule. While all of the above considerations may seem daunting, the right lawyer can help secure an agreement tailored to your needs and allow parents, large family, guardians, and teachers to focus on the most important – the well-being of children. Remember that a learning pod serves more purposes than health and safety, including academic development, socialization, engagement, support for parents/legal guardians, and cost sharing. From a health and safety perspective, creating or participating in a learning pod is intended to reduce the risk of COVID-19, not eliminate it. The trade-off is of course the erd benefits of your child`s experience on a learning pod. When parents hire a teacher, they should make sure their credentials contain a bachelor`s degree in education and meet state requirements, said Meg Flanagan, an education counselor based in Washington, D.C. Parents might want to do a substantive examination of the candidates and “wonder how the learning day will be structured at homeschooling, teaching additional costs beyond the price of teachers and philosophy.” Also consider hiring a Black, Indigenous, or person of color (B.I.P.O.C.

teacher) and asking them to implement a social justice curriculum, said Nikolai Pizarro, an Atlanta educator, author and mother who runs the BIPOC-Led Pandemic Pods and Microschools Facebook group. Services have even emerged to form families with teachers and organize pods on behalf of families. In early July, Selected For Families began connecting families with professional teachers and tutors. Of the first 60 families to fill out registration forms, 46 percent inquired on behalf of learning capsules, according to the company. Schoolhouse offers a similar service. Some families take their children out of school for these learning capsules, while others use pods to complement their schools` online school curricula. “Ideally, in our opinion, it would be complementary and not substitute,” said Adam Davis, a San Francisco pediatrician who hopes to create a learning capsule in the fall for his CE2 student and kindergarten child with a college-aged teacher or assistant. With your learning pod teacher, you should be prepared to answer the following questions or address them proactively: When creating a learning pod, an agreement on a health and safety protocol for all parties involved is a critical aspect: teachers, children, and families. Based in Manhattan, the Independent Portfolio School also organizes home capsules for families across the country, in collaboration with the independent Hudson Lab School in Westchester and the Red Bridge School in San Francisco. They will hire and manage teachers and even help families negotiate pod agreements….