Reasons Millennials Should Consider Supply Chain Industry Careers

Millennials Should Consider Supply Chain IndustryMillennials are frequently described as a breed apart. They are easily the most tech-savvy generation in history..

Some studies have suggested that millennials are not that different after all. Like everyone else, for instance, they seek meaningful employment, disposable income, social stability, and a purposeful life. However, there is little doubt that they are generally wary of brands, conventional workplace hierarchies, and many traditional institutions.

In fact, millennials are pushing for change in the workplace. In particular, they want things like a greater say in work-life balance and they also want managers who understand and listen to them as individuals (not just as employees filling a function).

Interestingly, careers in the supply chain industry offer many of the features millennials are seeking.

Here are 3 characteristics of supply chain industry jobs with the ideals millennials are seeking.

1. Personal development

87% of millennials say job development is very important. The supply chain industry has more levels and function than almost any other. As a result, training and advancement opportunities are especially abundant.

2. Technology

91% of millennials own a smartphone. Perhaps no industry is being reshaped more by technology than logistics. Established supply chain companies are looking for hi-tech ways to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and marketplace efficiencies. Millennials have those skills.

3. Work-life balance

62% of millennials want to be able to talk to their boss about non-work issues. Supply chain businesses rank high in terms of fraternal relationships, both with coworkers and bosses. If meaningful relationships on the job are important, then supply chains are a great field to consider.

High pay, purposeful work, and mobility are just a few of the other advantages supply industry careers offer. Indeed, it is an exciting time for the industry as a whole as high growth is creating amazing opportunities for so many business types — order fulfillment, automotive logistics, and transportation management, just to name a few. For millennials hoping to tap their full potential, a career in supply chains and logistics is certainly worth considering.