Music Distribution Agreement

Among the key elements of a basic agreement on the distribution of digital music is the term of the agreement from the date of performance (including, if applicable, extensions), the “material” to be provided, i.e. the songs or album that must be provided by the artist – all details specifically mentioned to avoid confusion, “distribution method” – such as streaming services or download rights , or both. , “compensation,” which indicates whether the trader calculates a royalty reduction or a fixed fee or a combination of the two (important details to be respected) and many other such statements that must be made by both parties must be mentioned in the agreement. (a) you are solely responsible for all rights, licenses, waivers, permissions and authorizations, including, but not limited, to all music publishing rights and licenses, throughout the country for all recordings and other materials, in order to enable Digitunes, its aggregators and its digital stores to fully use all rights of this file. , without claims, privileges, charges or other restrictions being invoked. The downloading of records and the delivery of other materials is your unqualified guarantee and guarantee that you have obtained all these necessary rights to Digitunes, its aggregators and its digital stores to sell, distribute, register, promote and use such documents, in accordance with this Agreement. (e) Digital stores may choose not to carry one or more of your records or remove them in certain areas (or at any time) in accordance with their policies and practices, so we cannot give guarantees. We may also refuse the distribution (or removal of digital blinds) of one or more digital stores if we receive legal complaints about this registration, if we reasonably believe that legal claims or problems may arise if a registration may violate the terms of a Digital Store, or for some other reason in our commercial judgment. And if our agreement with a Digital Store expires or ends, or if that Digital Store no longer works completely or in a particular area, then your records are no longer available on that Digital Store.

Digital Music Distribution Agreement is a legal document signed by the artist and given to the music distributor or aggregator who legally agrees with artists or record companies to transfer the final product of their music to digital platforms or other streaming sites for a lump sum or a portion of their revenue. which is also mentioned in the treaty.