Physician Relocation Agreements

Travis Singleton is a senior vice president of Merritt Hawkins Associates, a physician consulting firm and part of AMN Healthcare. Phillip Miller is Vice President of Communications for Merritt Hawkins and Staff Care, both parts of AMN Healthcare. Qualified health lawyers are one of three signatories to physician recruitment. They focus on: in some cases, an employer may offer to pay for relocation when a worker agrees to stay in a practice for a necessary period of time. This kind of commitment is usual for a signing bonus. Stark Law, however, has exceptions. A special exception applies to recruitment services when all legal requirements are met. Among the most important details of the Stark Law exemption for hiring doctors include: If you own a home, certain costs related to the sale may be reimbursed. But helping to sell a home — or a firm that buys a candidate`s house for resale — is highly unusual in the job market, Belkin said. Hospitals and medical practices need quality doctors to do the necessary research and care for their patients.

Attracting new talent involves hiring existing doctors who often work for other hospitals and practices. This includes hiring newly trained doctors. Most hospitals and practices require a combination of experienced and newly trained medical specialists. In addition to basic finances, medical contracts generally also contain a number of other benefits that we will describe in this article. It should be noted that this information is mainly derived from large employers such as hospitals, health systems, large medical groups and municipal health centres, which collaborate with our research company. The terms of employment offered by smaller groups may differ from those described above. On the surface, the possibility of a strong law violation is increased by medical agreements when the hospital requests referrals from the doctor or a financial benefit because of the doctor`s working relationship with the hospital. This is not a bad deal for the doctor. If the doctor`s registration bonus had not been treated as a loan, the doctor would have paid the full tax on the bonus in 2020. The doctor should only be aware that his taxes will increase over the next two years, although the doctor has not received any money during those years. Such physicians can avoid a nasty tax surprise during the years when the credit is granted by increasing their withholding tax to account for this “ghost income. In its 2019 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Incentives, recruitment firm Merritt Hawkins found that 98% of jobs offered some kind of moving bonus.