Reduce Logistics Costs Using 3PL

Logistics costs Milwaukee

Finding new ways to reduce logistics costs is probably your eCommerce brand’s highest priority. It’s difficult to manage the cost of logistics alone.

The dilemma is particularly difficult for mid-sized CPG companies that lack the resources, systems capabilities and freight volumes larger competitors use to drive efficiencies.

One solution could be working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that specializes in getting consumer goods to mass retailers and grocery chains. The right 3PL partner can help smaller firms generate big savings without major capital investments.

Here are some ways you can leverage your Third-Party Logistics Costs:

Integrate Data from Sales and Fulfillment Systems

EDI is a document standard, in which when implemented, acts as common interface between two or more computer applications. EDI is more than mere email; it’s become a common e-commerce business practice for most large companies. It gives clients the ability to send orders to the warehouse, track them, and replace bills of lading with appropriate EDI messaging.

EDI refers specifically to a family of standards. Christopher Morgan’s Retail Division provides an inclusive electronic data interchange solution for all retail and EDI objectives.

Package Product in the Distribution Center

It is extremely important to choose the right fulfillment who are experts in retail compliance. CM has the distribution knowledge, technology, and expertise in place to give your business a completive and operational advantage over the competition.

CM has Bi-coastal operations that are strategically located throughout North America, which allows us to optimize a retail distribution solution based on your specific priorities, Speed to Market; inventory carrying costs; transportation cost, you name it.

We offer a wide selection of value added distribution services:

  • Pick & Pack
  • Custom packaging
  • Kitting & Light assembly
  • UCC 128 labeling
  • Pre-pricing and re-labeling
  • Quality assurance
  • POP display building and marketing support
  • Sorting/sequencing
  • Export packing
  • Lot/date code tracking
  • Consolidation
  • Cross docking
  • Trans loading
  • Order Fulfillment /E-Fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Salvage disposal reporting
  • EDI/ASN Transactions

Reduce logistics costs with a virtual logistics capability

More and more consumer product brands have become part of multi-billion dollar companies who use supply chain synergies to increase their cost advantage on the shelf. This industry consolidation makes it more difficult for small and mid-sized CPG companies to compete.

But partnering with the right logistics provider can level the playing field, giving you “big company” logistics capabilities without the overhead.