Subject-Verb Agreement Exercise 1 Answers

None of the participants won a decisive victory. 8. The boy did not receive an award or medal, although he was the first to take the exam. . 8. Man with all the birds (live, live) on my way. 2 6. to taste: None of those chocolate broccoli muffins ______ good, even. 7.: The entire red ant colony, including the queen and all her drones, raved about Tommy`s feet and stung his ankles. 8.

to do: Fifteen gallons of chocolate milk _____ Herbert the elephant a happy pachyderm. 9. To hope for: Everyone on the roller coaster, including Martha and Angie_ ____ that hot dogs, onion rings, funnel cakes, and cotton candy will stay down on the next winding trip. 2 10. to disturb: neither Fred`s cafillating clothes, nor his grumpy attitude ____ Esmeralda, which lets Fred get the check back every time they eat abroad. 11. Kiss: This jeans _____ the curves of Hannah`s body as beautiful as aluminum foil on a baked potato. 4.

Either my shoes or your coat is always on the floor. 4 19. : Statistics _____ so many homework that Michelle`s poor fingers have permanent encodings on calculator pods. 20. Comes: The _____ Committee from all parts of the city, so we usually have to start late because so many members get stuck in traffic jams. 21. to believe: The _____ Committee that waiting until everyone arrives is more important than starting on time. 3 22. When Dad is angry, the fire in his eyes sparkles, and the smoke escapes from his ears. 23. Clear up: When Matthew has a bad day, the old episodes of the X folder always have his mood ______ 24. to meet: Each of these opera singers regularly notes _____ high enough to break the glass and break the eardrums.

45h Choose the correct form of the verb that corresponds to the subject. 20. The Committee considers these issues carefully. 21. The members of the commission have a very different private life. 10. The players, as well as the captain, want to win. 23.

All CDs, including scratched discs, are in this case. 5. George and Tamara (not, not) want to see this movie. 2. Either my mother or my father comes to meet. 15. Mathematics is John`s favourite subject, while civics is Andreas` favourite subject. 22.

The Prime Minister and his wife warmly welcome the press. 7. One of my sisters is on a trip to France. 9. The film, including all previews, is about two hours…. 16. Eight dollars is the price of a movie these days. 5: Either the roast oyster sandwich or the shrimp pizza ___ the best choice for lunch at Crusty`s Seafood Restaurant. | | 2018. .

19. There were fifteen candies in that bag….