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3PL warehouses are busy businesses moving hundreds if not thousands of parcels every day. Managing the processes involved with picking, packaging, shipping, and tracking is a tremendous task. Trying to do it manually is next to impossible.

That’s the reason why 3PL warehouse managers trust warehouse management systems to do the work for them. With so many options to choose from, selecting the top Warehouse Management System requires in-depth research of the system to see if it meets your expectations.

Here are five primary functions of a WMS that all managers require to manage their operations on a day-to-day basis.

Top Warehouse Management System Features

Improve Picking Times

3PL’s using wave packing group orders into batches and collect them with a single pass. Using a top warehouse management system solution provides managers with the ability to customize their solution. The WMS optimizes tasks such as sorting, allowing managers to pick faster.

Overcoming E-commerce Challenges

WMS solves distribution issues for e-commerce retailers. The system helps with the management, storage, and fulfillment of all orders and inventory. Top Warehouse management system allows managers to keep tabs on the flow of stock, sync it, and balance loads.

Optimize Your Workforce

Implementing a WMS in your 3PL warehouse requires your entire team to be on board with the concept. It takes time to learn the system, but with the right training, your organization becomes more efficient at their work.

Optimize Metrics and Analytics

There is just no way to calculate the flow of data passing through your warehouse every day. A WMS collects and analyses all data and presents it to you in an easy to understand format. The metrics and analytics are customizable to your operational benchmarks.

Mobile Integration

WMS offers full integration with mobile devices, allowing managers to track their system from anywhere in the world, all they need is an internet connection. This strategy keeps the system running smoothly, and managers can handle issues from their smartphone while they’re off-site.

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