Understanding Partial Truckload vs Volume LTL

Partial Truckload vs Volume LTL

Partial Truckload vs Volume LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments aren’t the same thing, though it’s easy to get confused by jargon if you’re a newbie in the shipping industry. Here’s the difference between partial truckloads and volume LTL shipments.

Understanding Partial Truckload vs Volume LTL

Partial Truckload

Partial truckload shipping is the middle ground for cargo shipments. In short, it’s going to fall in the type of partial truckload (or PT) shipments if and when your shipment requires more weight than a volume LTL shipment. Partial truckloads allow for shipments usually greater than 5, 000 pounds – or shipments that are going to take up more pallets than volume LTL shipping will allow for.

Especially fragile items are best shipped through partial truckload shipping just for the extra security that this offers your cargo.

Keep in mind that partial truckload rates are calculated using the distance travelled, so keep in mind the traveling distance from one point to another – this can also be a significant factor when you have to choose between partial truckload or volume LTL shipping for your cargo. Fewer stops also mean that your cargo has less risk of damage – and will reach its destination sooner.

Volume LTL

Volume LTL shipping is defined by a specific volume, and usually means any shipment that takes up more than 6 pallets or between 12 and 32 feet in a truck or trailer. Sometimes shipments with a weight lesser than 5, 000 pounds are also counted as Volume LTL shipping instead.

Volume LTL shipping often means that you’ll share a trailer or truck with other customers, which can mean more delivery stops along the way – this can delay your shipment and make the process more expensive than you needed it. Smaller shipments are ideal when using volume LTL shipping to ship – but not so great when you have a much larger order to put through.

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