Utu Union Agreement

The above conclusion would effectively answer the issue. However, given that discussions show that there are still differences of opinion on the actual meaning and intent or language of notification of the indreporting in Article V, Section 1, of the National Mediation Agreement of 31 October 1985, it is said that the terminal`s final delay is calculated from the moment the engine reaches the counter or signal used at the terminal terminal entrance. where the train must be abandoned or taken. , we will also look at this particular subject. Please indicate your consent by signing your name in the area listed below. Section 2 – Yard Crews Yards-Yards may perform the following work outside the switching limits without additional compensation, unless shown below; (a) to bring disabled trains or trains whose crews are bound 25 miles outside the switching terminals under the Hours of Service Act “.b) work that would normally be carried out by disabled train crews or bound by the Hours of Service Act and transported to the terminal by those occupants. , this paragraph does not apply to the thought or service of the wreck,” note; For the provision of the service provided at points a) and b), shipyard crews are paid miles or hours, the highest amount, with a minimum of one (1) hour for the category of service provided (unless existing agreements require payment of shipyard rates) for all periods consumed outside the switching terminals , this allowance in addition to the normal salary of the farm and without deduction of it for the time that is consumed outside the switching terminals. These payments are limited to workers whose seniority in a vessel covered by this agreement is prior to the date of this agreement and who are not subject to general or other salary increases “.c” to provide services to customers up to 20 miles outside the switching terminals, provided that this service does not result in the elimination of road or crew personnel on national territory. The use of a construction crew in accordance with this paragraph is not construed as giving shipyard crews exclusive rights to the work.

This paragraph does not provide for the use of shipyard crews for traction or wreck services outside switching terminals. “d) There is nothing in this article to prevent or in any way affect an airline`s right to extend switching terminals in accordance with existing agreements. However, the distances prescribed by this article continue to be measured from the switching terminals as they existed on August 25, 1978, except by mutual agreement. (e) Yard crews may perform accommodation work without payment or additional penalty,” 2. As a result of coordination of the facilities through the merger of two railways, the site crews were not deprived of the work of transferring vehicles to the various yards within the consolidated terminal. Are the provisions of Article VIII now substituted for the coordination agreement to allow road crews to carry out the work previously done by shipyard crews? A-2: shipyard personnel may be required to carry out local work unloaded by train; However, the part of the issue that relates to a “reduced” crew may depend on the local crew; (d) to determine the conditions under which ticket offices must be compensated and operated, the arbitrator is guided by the dominant characteristics of and limited to other Class I railway change agreements, except that the five-day sentence applies to each assignment specified in this section.