Vendor Central vs Seller Central Amazon Fulfillment

vendor central vs seller central Amazon fulfillment

Have you been selling a lot of products on Amazon? Have you been contacted about selling your products using vendor central? Perhaps you are a vendor who is frustrated and want to switch over to seller central. It can be quite frustrating to try and determine which option is the best choice for your needs. Here is some information on choosing vendor central vs seller central Amazon fulfillment.

What is the Difference Between Vendor Central vs Seller Central Amazon Fulfillment?

The main difference between seller vendor central vs seller central Amazon fulfillment is who sells your product. When you use vendor central the retail team from Amazon will buy and then resell your product. When seller central is used you will sell directly to the customers on Amazon. There are other significant differences between the two as well and it is important to understand the pros and cons of each.

Seller Central Amazon Fulfillment 

Here is a short list of what a seller central account offers:

  • Open to everyone
  • Sells directly to customers on Amazon
  • Quick payment
  • Flexible logistical options
  • Limited advertising options
  • Retail pricing controlled by brand
  • Enhanced brand content
  • Complex sales process
  • Limited advertising options

Vendor Central Amazon Fulfillment 

  • Sell to Amazon
  • Invite only
  • Traditional payments
  • Fixed logistical options
  • Retail pricing controlled by Amazon
  • Top content
  • Multiple advertising options

Seller Central Pros & Cons

Using a seller central account on Amazon will provide you with consumer data at no cost. This data can be used for a number of purposes. In addition, you have control over retail pricing. You can control prices so that you can match competitor pricing as necessary.

A downside of seller central is that many shoppers on the site will choose a product that is shipped and sold by Amazon over products from third party sellers. In addition, the fulfillment and shipping costs will limit your ability to sell any lower priced items on the site.

Vendor Central Pros & Cons

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a vender central account is consumer confidence. As far as anyone shopping on Amazon is concerned, they are purchasing the product directly from Amazon. In addition, Amazon will provide expanded advertising opportunities for your product. It also provides a simple way to do business as you will simply focus on filling orders.

Some of the cons of choosing a vender central account are that prices are controlled by Amazon and there are strict logistical requirements to follow when it comes to filling purchase orders.

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