Customer Service Call Center


Many customers still prefer a live operator to speak with.

Even though your customers are shopping online, it’s still imperative to have a live product expert available for them to speak with.

At Christopher Morgan, our Customer Service Center is the central point in which all customer contacts are managed. Our in house customer service abilities allow us to not only receive orders or answer any customer’s questions, but to also help convert a soft offer call into a solid sale.

At CM, we assist you in every way possible to match up with the volume of your direct response inbound calls. Networking, educating, branding and exposure; we follow these simple steps to ensure impressive results for our clients.

Our inbound call center service expertise combined with our call routing technology, allows our contact centers to manage even the largest direct programs. Plus, have the scalability to manage large spikes during promotions or busy seasons.  We also stay abreast and leverage the latest call center technology to measure and drive results.

Reach out to us if you are facing issues like:

  • Monthly call volume fluctuations
  • Large monthly call volume
  • Unpredictable call arrival patterns
  • Direct response call spikes
  • Seasonal call spikes
  • Proper daytime staffing
  • After hours staffing issues
  • Call handling capacity
  • 24x7x365 coverage
  • Special call handling requirements
  • Multilingual requirements

Our proven training method:

  • Our customer service staff works closely with client services to ensure each representative has an expert level of knowledge of our clients products and services
  • Agents are trained and ready to manage a variety of demands to ensure the customer receives the personalized attention they expect
  • They are trained to ensure that every individual who contacts the our response center will have a positive experience