Midwest Distribution?

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My products are manufactured in Asia. Isn't it better to use a warehouse provider on the west coast?

While it is cheaper to ship from Asia to the West Coast, in most cases it is much more advantageous to stage your goods in the Midwest, closer to where the majority of the population lives. You will pay a little bit more on the front end to get your container further east, but you might save many multiples of this cost in outbound shipping and transit times. This simple example illustrates the savings. Let's say your container holds 5000 orders. You pay $1,000 (est.) more to get your container to Wisconsin versus the West Coast. Now 4,000 orders (80%) can ship cheaper from Christopher Morgan Fulfillment saving $3.00 per order (est.). You net $11,000 in savings.  This helps to competitively price your product even better. In addition to lower costs, this closer proximity to your customers translates into faster and better service, which reduces customer service costs, cancellations and buyer's remorse.