"[Their] attention to detail...

"Over the years we have never had a client complain about the level of service that they receive from CM."


Cannella Response Television


"The personnel at Christopher Morgan are some of the most well-versed direct response experts in the industry. They have knowledge and contacts that span the entire industry. That DRTV expertise is what makes them unique. They have marketed products, imported products, sold products on the shopping channels, distributed products nationally and internationally, etc... In addition, they have the know-how to help manage a mega-hit or grind out something that is not huge, but still profitable.

CM is absolutely a partner we rely on. In a business of unfulfilled commitments, I have yet to see CM let someone down. They treat your campaign, whether large or small, as if it was their own."

TSYS Merchant Solutions


"The reputation that CM has built within TSYS has enabled us to have confidence that the transactions that they perform are done with attention to detail. This has allowed us to approve accounts for processing that may have been viewed as borderline approvals. CM is well connected within several departments at TSYS. Communication lines are always open and all issues are handled quickly. [Their] attention to detail cuts back on chargebacks and returns. These are the key areas of concern for a processor. [This is why we recommend CM as a service provider.]"



"CM allows DRTV clients the opportunity to utilize a strong fulfillment company that is located directly in the Middle of America. The vast majority of DRTV Fulfillment Companies are located either on the East, West, or both coastlines. The flow of information between both companies allows for our mutual clients to have an expedited way to reconcile due to the fact that both companies each have one individual working directly with the client. Working together on all reporting functions frees up the clients time to focus on other aspects of their business. TransFirst always knows that when we have a client that is working with CM we know that the fulfillment end of their business is going to be handled in a manner that will allow the client to have a successful campaign. Over the years we have never had a client complain about the level of service that they receive from CM. I know that when CM is involved the commitment to the client will be there."

Direct Response Academy


"Christopher Morgan is a service oriented Fulfillment center that definitely focuses on improving results. Their work for our clients has been efficient, accurate, timely and cost effective. Christopher Morgan is more than a fulfillment center, they have been a profit center for our clients. Christopher Morgan is competitive in pricing and extraordinary in Client Service. Christopher Morgan ranks excellent for both the tangible and intangible issues every marketer considers before choosing a Fulfillment House."