Determine if You Need a Labor Management System

Labor Management System LMS Milwaukee

A Labor Management System (or LMS) is a piece of software that is used in order manage and monitor a workforce. In particular, it is often found in fulfillment businesses but can potentially be used in any industry.

Essentially, this works by providing increased visibility, to show where money is being spent and how that money is being returned. At the same time, you’ll be able to identify your most productive employees, as well as any that aren’t performing at their best.

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Fulfillment Center: Account vs Small Parcel

fulfillment center: account vs small parcel

When you’re an e-commerce company, the cost of shipping your product from its manufacturing point to the customer can be one of the biggest starting costs – and it takes a little bit of thought to calculate just how much of the percentage of the total price it will take to cover shipping costs, especially if this is your first e-commerce effort.

Just how you’re shipping the item will determine what kind of deals you can offer clients; free shipping is a great initiative, but it doesn’t always make financial sense for the company – and the same can be said for higher shipping costs.  Continue reading

Vendor Central vs Seller Central Amazon Fulfillment

vendor central vs seller central Amazon fulfillment

Have you been selling a lot of products on Amazon? Have you been contacted about selling your products using vendor central? Perhaps you are a vendor who is frustrated and want to switch over to seller central. It can be quite frustrating to try and determine which option is the best choice for your needs. Here is some information on choosing vendor central vs seller central Amazon fulfillment.

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