Spring & Summer Perfect For Produce Shipments

Produce Shipments

Spring & Summer Perfect For Produce Shipments

This time of year in the United States, the weather gets a little warmer, people start daydreaming about trips to the beach or vacations to the mountains, and farmers are gearing up for their busiest work season. Not only does produce need to be harvested at peak freshness, it also needs to be shipped; thus the world of fresh produce logistics. When it comes to fresh produce, the most impactful time for any area in the United States is March through June.

With new food safety in transportation regulations, like the Food Safety Modernization Act, and decreased capacity due to supply and demand, finding a reliable carrier who can pick-up and deliver your produce at peak freshness can be time-consuming, and quite frustrating.

The fresh produce shipments team at CMorgan Fulfillment Center has the resources and industry expertise to arrange your shipment, regardless of how specialized your requirements may be. So if you’re shipping cucumbers, berries, broccoli, apples, or bananas, know that we love coordinating it all.

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