When is Peak Shipping Season?

Peak Shipping Season

Predicting market-based patterns in (freight) shipping for supply chains shoppingis a bit like forecasting the weather. We can’t anticipate every last detail accurately all the time because surprise fluctuations can always cause unexpected results. However, we have a pretty good handle on the flow of the supply and demand of the seasons, including when peak shipping season comes and goes.

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Pick Pack & Ship vs. Drop Shipping

Pick Pack & Ship

No matter what size a company may be, it will need to rely on order processing and logistics in order to get their products to their customers. Warehouses are important for this aspect of the business. Companies that have a fulfillment center will ship goods directly to their customer without having to send the freight to retail stores or a drop-off location. This process is referred to as pick, pack, & ship.

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Tips To Avoid Common 3PL Warehouse Problems

Warehouse problems

Warehouse management is always complex and fraught with issues. Even one that is well managed will run into warehouse problems on occasion. Many companies work with 3PL’s to help minimize their workload and reduce the number of issues they face along their supply chain. There is no single solution that will work for every warehouse or even every 3PL. The effective methods often depend on the warehouse, the 3PL, and the nature of the supply chain itself. Continue reading