Retain Truck Drivers During National Shortage

Retain Truck Drivers During National Shortage

There is a major truck driver shortage in the US, leaving many companies without the drivers they need to transport goods within their organizations or to clients and customers.

This is a serious problem, and one that a lot of companies are currently struggling with. If you already have all the truck drivers you need then, you should consider yourself to be in a fortunate position. As long as you keep those truck drivers, your company will be able to weather the storm.

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How To Weigh & Measure a Load For Shipment?

How To Weigh & Measure a Load For Shipment

If you have something to ship, often you will have to figure out how much the load weighs and how large it is in order to get the shipping company to pick it up.

How you measure the size and weight depends on what kind of item you are shipping and how large it is. For example, if you are shipping something in a box to a friend across the country, the way that you weigh and measure this box will be very different from the way that you would weigh and measure a huge pallet or a piece of heavy equipment.

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Successful Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation Management System

A Transportation Management System, or TMS, is a solution that manages the dispatching of trucks or carriers. As well as fleet maintenance, billing, driver pay, driver records, IFTA reports and DOT compliance.

Additionally, a Transportation Management System streamlines operations by optimizing carrier routes, and reporting key analytics while improving customer service across business areas.

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Choosing The Best Truck Company

truck company Less Than Truckload- LTL Shipping

Contracting with a truck company can expand your earning potential as an independent trucker. Choosing the best trucking companies to work with, though, can be tricky.

With so many trucking companies now competing nationally and internationally, customers who need to ship freight as quickly and efficiently as possible often find themselves overwhelmed by the quantity of companies that use various methods to gain business.

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