Cut LTL Transportation Costs

cut LTL transportation costs


Less-than-truckload transportation makes up a great deal of the vehicles on the road delivering essential goods to where they need to be. Since the COVID-19 crises kicked in, supply chains all over the world have come to a standstill – but in most parts of the world, restrictions are being relaxed and we’re getting a little closer to business as usual.

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Difference Between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

We live on the precipice of huge change. The rate of technological development is beginning to outpace our ability to measure or predict it, and very soon we might reach the point of no return: the singularity. This is the point at which technology becomes self-perpetuating. Where new breakthroughs and developments come at an increasingly fast pace, such that the world as we know it is completely transformed.

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