What is the Difference Between Freight and Transportation?

What is the Difference Between Freight and Transportation? Milwaukee

In the logistics and supply chain industry, freight and transportation are not interchangeable terms.

What is the Difference Between Freight and Transportation in Milwaukee?

Freight refers to the transport of commodities and material goods, as opposed to people. That means it usually involves the shipment of items in bulk amounts. Freight can be shipped over land, water, or air. Land shipment is the most commonly used. Trucking is the largest contributor to freight shipping.

Types of Freight

There are multiple types of freight services, including:

  • Less than truckload (LTL)
  • Truck load (TL)
  • Partial truckload
  • Rail freight
  • Air freight
  • Expedited freights
  • International shipping

Freight transport offers a number of benefits. Because the departure and arrival time can be accurately predicted, it is reliable. Generally, it’s faster to ship bulk materials via freight transport. Furthermore, shipments can be pre-scheduled.


Transportation involves the shipment of both people and materials. It’s a broader term, as it involves the physical movement of beings and items. Additionally, more methods are used for transportation. For example, private vehicles (cars, etc.), public transport (city buses, mass transit, etc.), ride-sharing (commuters sharing rides), and so on.

In conclusion, transportation can involve the shipment of goods and people. However, freight shipping is the method more commonly used for goods. That being said, both are used to move things from one place to the other. While the essence of transportation and freight may be similar, freight is more reliable from a commodities perspective. The shipment methods used to transport goods via freight are used specifically for that purpose. Consequently, that means they do not involve the shipment of people at all. For this reason, it’s much more reliable, predictable, practical, and cost effective. In addition, it’s also safer to ship goods via freight rather than transportation.

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